Terahertz Transverse Magnetism in the One-dimension

Dr. Subhajit Karmakar1, Prof. Ravendra Kumar Varshney2, Prof. Dibakar Roy Chowdhury3
1Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. 2IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India. 3Mahindra University, Hyderabad, India


In this talk, I will present demonstration of transverse magnetism in 1-dimensional (low dimensional system) plasmonic wire. As per general perception, transverse magnetism cannot exist in one dimensional plasmonic systems because of the fundamental limitations imposed by basic electromagnetic theory. Contrary to this general belief, we have recently demonstrated (experimentally and theoretically, both) transverse magnetism in a plasmonic wire constituting a cut-wire pair-based metasurface operating at the terahertz frequencies. Our demonstrated scheme can help in developing compact photonic or electrical integrated circuits besides other futuristic applications, such as, cloaking, magnetic storage etc.